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Music is Brasil’s greatest cultural gift to the world.

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Let's explore the influence of Brazilian sounds.

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“If there were a world cup for music, Brasil would be in the final!”

For decades, music has been the prime cultural export of Brazil. Our documentary film Oba! Sounds of Brazil chronicles the extraordinary yet overlooked impact of the Brazilian sound on the global music scene!

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I Love Lucy: Be A Pal (Carmen Miranda)
Lucy singing Mama Yo Quiero (I Miss Mama). The lip synch on Carmen Miranda is pretty fun especially when the speed... more

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Bjork “Isobel”
Bjork dedicated this song to the late Brazilian singer Elis Regina. And of course this mix was produced by Eumir... more

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The Boom, Far Eastern Samba
Kazufumi Miyazawa has been called the Japanese David Byrne, Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel rolled into one, in part because of his fascination with world music in general... more

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“The perfect combination of melody, harmony and rhythm.”

George Duke, artist

“It is probably the most seductive music on the planet!”

Tom Schnabel, radio host