A cinematic journey of discovery

Many of us have “the tip of the iceberg view” of Brazilian music. We know bossa nova, Tom Jobim, Sergio Mendes and some may even have heard of Elis Regina or Seu Jorge. But there’s so much more to be found below the waterline.

Oba! Sounds of Brasil! will take its audience on a cinematic journey of discovery underneath that iceberg. Oba! Sounds of Brasil! will explore the impact of Brazilian music on all genres of popular music, TV commercials, feature film soundtracks and club or house music to explore why and how the Brazilian beat is so beloved.

We will use film and TV clips, interviews, stock and archival footage and a series of evangelists and narrators to guide us as we document the powerful and profound impact of the Brazilian sound on the world music scene.

Oba! Sounds of Brasil! is a love letter to Brazilian music and the Brazilian sound. Oba! Wow!

#we love brazilian music

One Note Samba!
“One Note Samba” by Antonio Carlos Jobim and performed by Lydia Gray & Ed... more

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Queen Latifah Listens to Brazilian
  Queen Latifah listens to surprising music before she performs GIBSON JOHNS, AOL.COM Jun 14th 2018 4:15PM Queen Latifah has been performing since she was a... more

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John Densmore of the Doors on incorporating bossa nova percussion into “Break On Through”
Drummer John Densmore of the Doors talks about the inspiration of bossa nova on “Break On Through To The Other... more

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“The perfect combination of melody, harmony and rhythm.”

George Duke, artist

“It is probably the most seductive music on the planet!”

Tom Schnabel, radio host