We will design and roll out each platform to communicate a different part of the story. Everything is tied together by the same strategy or narrative or simple piece of communication (that Brazilian music is hugely influential), but each platform does what it does best, rather than bending to fit an idea that’s not really built with any particular platform in mind. Each platform is strong and self-contained enough to live on its own, but can then be pulled together into a greater narrative.

And this pulling together doesn’t necessarily have to be done by one person–social relationships can help forge those connections, forming a community that shares and builds on each others’ experiences with the content. You’ve seen the film, they’ve heard the music, you’ve been to an event, she’s tried the app, he’s had a good experience online, and everyone compares notes.

Content like Oba! Sounds of Brasil! requires multiple levels so that it rewards the audience for time spent, or repeated viewing of the various platforms. There is the power of complexity in cross platform media communication–that people generally find complex, nuanced, layered things more interesting than simple straightforward things. And with a nod to our corporate sponsors, if we look at it through the lens of a brand or content (hopefully both) community, each different layer or detail could appeal to a different group of people, who could compare stories, and thus continually be getting new perspectives on the same thing.

This is Oba! Sounds of Brasil!–an extraordinary and inspired living content project, shared and told in a vanguard, next-generation storytelling process that conveys content to a mass audience through the artful and meticulously planned use of multiple media platforms and product lines. The universal appeal of Brazilian music, the size and scale of that music’s influence, the emergence of Brazil onto the world stage, the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games–all make this the right time for Brazil and Brazilian music to get the credit it fully deserves. Our multi-platform approach reflects a philosophy of communication and brand extension that allows us to expand audience size, create intense audience loyalty and long-term engagement, extend the window of opportunity to fully exploit the intellectual property, enrich the value of creative content, and generates multiple revenue streams.

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One Note Samba!
“One Note Samba” by Antonio Carlos Jobim and performed by Lydia Gray & Ed... more

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Queen Latifah Listens to Brazilian
  Queen Latifah listens to surprising music before she performs GIBSON JOHNS, AOL.COM Jun 14th 2018 4:15PM Queen Latifah has been performing since she was a... more

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John Densmore of the Doors on incorporating bossa nova percussion into “Break On Through”
Drummer John Densmore of the Doors talks about the inspiration of bossa nova on “Break On Through To The Other... more

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“The perfect combination of melody, harmony and rhythm.”

George Duke, artist

“It is probably the most seductive music on the planet!”

Tom Schnabel, radio host