Oba! Sounds of Brasil! is a multi-platform project which aims to become a living document and testament to the profound influence of Brazilian music on the world music soundscape.

Inspired by The Buena Vista Social Club, Oba! Sounds of Brasil! begins life as a film–a cinematic journey of discovery–starting in the present where the youth driven club culture is reintroducing Brazilian music to audiences worldwide. We look to at the important collaborations from the Bossa Nova, Tropicalia and MPB eras as well as the contemporary music scene in Brazil where a new generation of artists actively fuse the past and present to create modern sounds. But the film is only just one point of entry into this amazing and expansive story.

Next generation content experiences are already here. The modern consumer is digitally driven, socially connected and empowered by tablets, mobile and other devices. Audiences connect via social relationships, forging communities that share and build on each others’ experiences. Building original, shareable content is now the most valuable way to connect with people: we’ve seen the film, they’ve heard the music, you’ve been to an event, she’s tried the app, he’s had a good experience online, and everyone compares notes. In recent years, the value proposition of cross platform storytelling has been proven again and again with such projects as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Matrix, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and Game of Thrones.

So we start with the normal protocols of producing and distributing over the standard channels: theatrical, broadcast, Video on Demand, home video, the internet (Youtube or subscription channels) and releasing a soundtrack — all supported by a strong internet presence like social media, Youtube channels and of course the Oba! Website which features interviews, clips as well as links to other theme-related content.

Because today’s younger audiences engage media differently, we look to other media platforms to support the film and add more content to fully cover all the content (history, profiles and music) that can’t fit into a 90-minute film. We look to fit these platforms–online (Youtube channels, iTunes, webisodes and web-based interactive, online music channels via Pandora or Spotify, podcasts, ebooks and music downloads), social media (Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Digg, Google +, RSS, Stumble, influential bloggers), books, magazines and print, concerts and live events (iTunes Festivals), mobile and mobile apps and even wearables and games–with unique content aimed not only fill in the gaps but simultaneously communicate a different part of the narrative, attracting a larger and more diverse audience. All of these platforms, loaded with their specific content, work together keep Oba!’s content and the fascinating story of chronicling the influence of Brazilian music front and center, connecting the dots and chronicling the powerful influence of Brazilian music on the world’s musical soundscape and the world’s love affair with this extraordinary sound.

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One Note Samba!
“One Note Samba” by Antonio Carlos Jobim and performed by Lydia Gray & Ed... more

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Queen Latifah Listens to Brazilian
  Queen Latifah listens to surprising music before she performs GIBSON JOHNS, AOL.COM Jun 14th 2018 4:15PM Queen Latifah has been performing since she was a... more

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John Densmore of the Doors on incorporating bossa nova percussion into “Break On Through”
Drummer John Densmore of the Doors talks about the inspiration of bossa nova on “Break On Through To The Other... more

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“The perfect combination of melody, harmony and rhythm.”

George Duke, artist

“It is probably the most seductive music on the planet!”

Tom Schnabel, radio host